Contec Launches New Website and Product Line

Systems Integrator, Contec (Contec) announced today the release of a dramatically designed website with a fresh new look, enhanced functionality and user-friendly navigation.

It is now easier for Contec customers to find the products and technology information they need with the launch of a new website. The site has been dramatically redesigned with user-friendly navigation, a fresh new look, and enhanced functionality making it a more useful resource for Contec customers.

“At the onset of the development process we actively solicited insights and feedback from our customers, suppliers, partners and employees. The result is a site with rich content that is easy to navigate and share.” commented Katherine Hartman, Director of Marketing.

The new site has a modern look including clean, structured layout and vivid imagery depicting how Contec products are used in real-world situations. The site utilizes the latest technology for intuitive navigation and compatibility across browsers and mobile devices.

“Our old website had become outdated, cluttered and didn’t engage users,” noted Hartman. “After months of hard work, we are thrilled to finally unveil a new site that makes our expertise and market leading technology even more accessible. Features such as free consultations with the ‘Contec expert’ provide our customers with a whole new level of interaction.”

The site will be updated regularly with new products, services and important industry news. Contec encourages visitors to explore the site and stay informed of company and industry news by signing-up for its new quarterly newsletter.

Additionally, the new site reveals a brand new category of motion control, data acquisition (DAQ) and monitoring systems. These new products provide customers with cost effective ways to create configurable DAQ systems using field programmable gate arrays and software without the need for a complete computer. Stay tuned for some additional excited product announcements in the very near future.

About Contec Americas Inc.

Contec Americas is a global technology design, manufacturing, and integration company with an extensive portfolio of solutions ranging from tier 1 computers to fully custom computing platforms, displays, and All-in Ones (AIO). Contec provides additional value to its customers through product design & innovation, life cycle management, logistics and post-production support. Our products and services are sold around the world to customers in many segments including industrial automation, IoT/M2M, medical and diagnostics, transportation, military simulation, and gaming. Contec Americas is a proud member of the Contec Co., Ltd. Group companies, founded on innovations in industrial computing and PC based technology since 1975.