CONTEC Launches New Firmware of CONPROSYS M2M Controller

Contec Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 6639) is pleased to announce an updated firmware version of the CONPROSYS™ M2M controller, CPS-MC341-ADSC1-931, that supports the FANUC's machine tool operation management software, MT-LINKi, that is available from April 11, 2017. The new firmware supports data communication with FANUC CNC devices that makes the CPS-MC341-ADSC1-931 be able to collect more detailed data from FANUC CNC devices for future maintenance purpose and other system applications.

CONPROSYS™ M2M Controller with Built-In OPC UA Server Multi Input and Output type

The CONPROSYS M2M controller, CPS-MC341-ADSC1-931 is compatible with FANUC's machine tool operation management software MT - LINKi and can be used as an Ethernet I/O converter device.

This newly developed firmware supports data communication with the FANUC CNC (Computer Numerical Control) devices. For those FANUC CNC devices that have not equipped an Ethernet communication function, in addition to the signal inputs of indicator light and motor current, the newly announced firmware makes this COMPROSYS M2M controller be able to communicate with those legacy CNC devices. By adding NC program of output function to the CNC device, the M2M controller can collect the CNC’s data such as command modes, offset amounts of tool correction, and operating conditions of the machine from the CNC device, and the collected data can be sent to the MT-LINKi system, an OPC UA client system.

Contec will supply cable products for FANUC CNC connection (1m cable, 3m cable and 5m cable, shipped since June 2017). Customers who have purchased the CONPROSYS M2M controller, CPS-MC341-ADSC1-931 can download and apply the new firmware from our website.

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