Contec. Integrates Contec Microelectronics U.S.A. Business

Systems Integrator, Contec. announced today that it will be integrating the California-based Contec Microelectronics U.S.A. (Contec USA) business beginning January 2014.

Contec became a Contec Group company at the end of 2012 when it was acquired by Contec headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Prior to the acquisition, Contec USA was the sole entity responsible for marketing and selling Contec’s industrial control technology products and services in the America’s. In January, all Contec USA business will transition to Contec. Contec’s official company name will become Contec.

“The alliance between Contec and Contec is a natural fit. Over the past year we have focused on integrating our business operations and exploring how we can best leverage the strengths of each organization,” commented Todd Stirtzinger, Contec President & CEO. “By synergizing Contec’s existing strengths in systems engineering, integration and life cycle management with Contec’s extensive portfolio of industrial control technology products and services, we are able to support our clients with a broader set of capabilities and solutions. We now offer more complete & unique solutions beyond the processor-based systems and custom displays.”

Contec provides embedded systems and displays to leading manufacturers in the medical device, industrial automation and government & security industries. In 2013, Contec added the Contec product line which includes industrial computers, wireless network, data acquisition (DAQ), and control & measurement products.

The transition of the Contec USA business to Contec will greatly expand the support available to existing Contec USA clients. Our goal is a smooth and successful transition for our Contec USA clients, said Stirtzinger, who touts an expanded US-based support team, broader range of product & services, and expanded US production and logistics facilities as some of the benefits our Contec USA clients will experience as a result of this change.

“We are pleased to conclude Contec’s first year as a Contec Group Company with the integration of Contec USA and the change in corporate identity to Contec.,” said Katsutoshi Fujiki, President and Co-CEO of Contec. “These changes mark a turning point and signify our increasing unity as we strive to share Contec products and services with the American market.

About Contec Americas Inc.

Contec Americas is a global technology design, manufacturing, and integration company with an extensive portfolio of solutions ranging from tier 1 computers to fully custom computing platforms, displays, and All-in Ones (AIO). Contec provides additional value to its customers through product design & innovation, life cycle management, logistics and post-production support. Our products and services are sold around the world to customers in many segments including industrial automation, IoT/M2M, medical and diagnostics, transportation, military simulation, and gaming. Contec Americas is a proud member of the Contec Co., Ltd. Group companies, founded on innovations in industrial computing and PC based technology since 1975.