New Stylish and Flexible All-In-One Computer (AIO) Line for OEMs

New Stylish and Flexible All-In-One Computer (AIO) Line for OEMs

Contec. announced today that it has expanded its All-in-One (AIO) product line to include fully configurable AIO computers for manufacturers in the medical, industrial and commercial markets.

“We’re doing much more than adding a few new AIO products to our catalog. In response to market demand, we’re taking a modular approach to better support the needs of our customers,” commented Harley Firth, Director of Display Solutions at Contec.

Unlike most preconfigured AIO options in the market today, Contec helps customers get the best fit for their equipment. The process begins by selecting from Contec’s variety of base chassis designs depending on quality, life cycle and regulatory needs. Once the framework is identified, customers may choose compatible motherboards, processors, memory, storage and other componentry needed to satisfy their environmental, functional and serviceability requirements.

“We are seeing a shift to AIOs in the market. AIOs are a quick and easy way manufacturers can modernize the look of their product. They can save space, improve efficiency and update system capabilities,” said Brad Jens, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing. “Our new approach allows customers to have a unique product without the investment in time, money and resources normally required for a custom configuration.”

Contec AIOs utilize advanced Intel® embedded computing solutions and touch technologies and are available in a competitive variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

About Contec Americas Inc.

Contec Americas is a global technology design, manufacturing, and integration company with an extensive portfolio of solutions ranging from tier 1 computers to fully custom computing platforms, displays, and All-in Ones (AIO). Contec provides additional value to its customers through product design & innovation, life cycle management, logistics and post-production support. Our products and services are sold around the world to customers in many segments including industrial automation, IoT/M2M, medical and diagnostics, transportation, military simulation, and gaming. Contec Americas is a proud member of the Contec Co., Ltd. Group companies, founded on innovations in industrial computing and PC based technology since 1975.