Innovative Technology Keeping You Ahead of the Competition

With the ease of government regulations to fuel the growth of revenue generated through gambling, many vendors and manufacturers are in the midst of developing new and innovative machines to keep up with rapid market growth for the gambling/casino industries - both on land and on sea. To stay ahead of these changes, manufacturers need to enhance customer experiences, decrease machine footprint, and increase volumes produced to keep up with the pace of demand.

Contec recognizes these demands and works closely with customers to develop hardware solutions for new product introductions and to replace hardware on existing machines increasing their lifespan. With the customer in mind at all times, Contec designs products to meet serviceability and security challenges and includes flexible options for every unique customer application. We recognize that new technology needs to be adopted quickly because development time and deployment is critical to remain competitive.

Gaming Product Categories Include:

To respond to these recent trends, we developed the latest technology for the Gaming Market - this new technology is aimed to decrease service cost and provide added security through plug and play upgrades with the Intel® Compute Card. This innovative and scaleable solution has a variety of I/O configurations to meet peripheral needs while maintaining a fast go to market production capacity.

The C5™ – Innovative Design with the Customer in Mind

  • Revolutionary Serviceability and Support​
  • Ultimate Security​
  • Expandable Modular Design​
  • Low Power Consumption​
  • Fully Certified​
  • Quick Time to Market

Take the C5 for a Spin!

Click and drag your mouse to spin the C5 for a 360 degree view.