When Productivity Drives Profitability

Contec designs and delivers system integration solutions that meet the expectations of evolving technology advancements in the IoT/M2M market sector. Our solutions support a variety of industries that are in the midst of shifting towards this new technology trend. IoT/M2M will revolutionize technology in the coming years, becoming a $10-15 Trillion business within the next 20 years and the IoT/M2M Value Add by 2020 is approximately $1.9 Trillion.

The team at Contec stays ahead of technology trends by consistently discussing the latest news trends within the industry. Our experts are appraised of the latest buzz and how to apply it to the products and solutions we design and deliver. As a company, we also belong to a number of professional groups that regularly meet to discuss industry challenges and new growth opportunities. By surrounding ourselves with experts in the industry, we have added value that will pass on to our customers. Our executive leadership team also meets with our alliances within the industry to strategize unique partner capabilities, prioritize project planning, and evaluate shared objectives. This translates to the core team at Contec and gives us the competitive advantage of staying ahead of technology trends.


The five main factors that fuel the IoT Value at Stake:

  • Innovation and Revenue
  • Customer Experience
  • Asset Utilization
  • Employee Productivity
  • Supply Chain and Logistics

We are able to support IoT/M2M Applications in:

Manufacturing – Factory automation; Industrial automation control; Facility remote maintenance; OEM Equipment automation; Test automation; Temperature control; Remote calibration; Real-time equipment monitoring Supply chain management; Inventory control; Asset, cargo and container management; Geofencing; Machine diagnostics; Machine telemetry

Medical OEM Machines - Controllers; Remote diagnostics; Pharmaceutical operations; Testing equipment

Transportation – Telematics; Industrial fleet management; Proactive monitoring; In-vehicle entertainment; Vehicle navigation; Safety services; Concierge services; Remote engine diagnostics; Personalize insurance

Energy, O & G – Monitoring and controlling drills, wells and pipelines; Telemetry; Remote automation; Sensor networks in the earth’s crust; Cellular-and satellite-based M2M devices; Generation Optimization; System Health Monitoring

Utilities – Meter reading; Proactive alerts; Alarms; Smart grid applications; Remote building temperature control

Consumer Services – Smart home appliances; Connected home electronics and devices; Home security services; Home alerts; Remote home thermostat controls; Video feed monitoring