Technology Refresh with Industrial Hardware Solutions

The demand continues to accelerate as population grows around the world. The need for safe and clean water dominates public concerns related to health and quality. With minimal funding for additional infrastructure, facilities are faced with the challenge of upgrading aging machinery with technology integration to help with the collection and treatment of wastewater and supply clean water. This poses a challenge with the variety of hardware and software applications on the market today.


Working with a system integrator that builds industrial computer hardware technology and is software agnostic is a huge benefit to facilities that need to keep their internal resources focused. CONTEC specializes in process and automation industrial computer hardware manufacturing, has built relationships with some of the world’s leading software applications and as a value-add has the capability to integrate this technology to optimize operations.


Your Common Challenges:

  • High Cost Hardware Solutions
  • Aging Technology
  • Maintaining Equipment
  • Replacing Parts
  • Monitoring & Analyzing Data Remotely
  • Maintain Infrastructure with Customer Base Expansion
  • Software Security
  • Customer Support Response Times

Our Solutions: