DAQ Blog Series - Interface by Function

PC HELPER, PC-based DAQ & Control Devices with a variety of functions available. What function meets your specification?

Multi-function DAQ - Multifunction device with integrated I/O functions like analog I/O, digital I/O and counters.

Analog I/O - Voltage and current signal I/O flexibility for measurement, analysis and actuator control of temperature, vibration, displacements and loads.

Digital I/O - Photocoupler isolation/TTL input and output, transistor and relay contact output. ON/OFF monitoring control, switch, LED, 7-segment display and microcomputer communication.

Counters - Encoders, linear gauges, and magnescale position detectors monitor feedback control and integrate count of production pulses.

Motion Control - Pulse motor and servo motor control with multi-axis robot, conveyor, rotary table and XY table controls.

Serial Communication - Communication and remote control of equipment such as bar-code readers, measuring devices, UPS and audio/visual.

GPIB Communication - GPIB communication and remote control with instruments like multimeters, analyzers, function generators and oscilloscopes.

We've got you covered! With a variety of I/O interface boards available - our DAQ offering will improve performance and increase the reliability of your system, including bus hardware for serial, GPIB, USB, Ethernet, and CardBus. View our product offering.

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