ThinManager Ready® Thin Clients to Secure, Simplify and Increase Productivity

Contec Thin Clients are tested and approved ThinManager Ready® Solutions for your ThinManager network. ThinManager architecture aims to boost productivity, enhance visualization, extend security, and provide smart mobility. These key features provide safe and secure delivery of content to any device on the network. Contec's complete ThinManager-Ready® product line gives you tested and certified hardware solutions to build out your ThinManager solution.

Let's take a look at then versus now.

Old School - Common Solution:

Thick Clients (aka "Heavy Clients") are full-featured computers that are connected to a network. Unlike Thin Clients, which typically lack hard drives and other features, Thick Clients are functional whether they are connected to a network or not.

Modern IIoT Solution - Our Offering:

A Thin Client is a small computer that’s purpose-built for remoting into a server (cloud virtualization). It depends on a server to fulfill its roles.

As a proud Partner with ThinManager, Contec products provide tested and ThinManager Ready® client products.

ThinManager distributes its flagship platform around the world to equip modern industrial facilities with a robust, reliable platform that manages servers, thin clients, IP cameras, virtual machines, mobile devices and more. Over 1000 companies in 30 countries, including one in ten Fortune 500 companies, use ThinManager and ThinManager Ready® Thin Clients for their daily operation.

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